From the Beginning

Halfacre Interiors is a labor of  love of  that  comes from her love of street art and and fascination with European couture. By fusing extremes,Molly Halfacre has managed to create what some have called the ultimate collage of classically cutting edge interior design.

To date, the designer has  stretched her creativity and immense fashion sense for the masses and portfolio that is impressive

Gaining Attention
As home interior design goes, every designer has their signature look or style. As well, there is the underlying tone that their style will gain in popularity.

Halfacre Interiors is more than blessed in this realm interior designs and are gaining the attention of some big name celebrities and a little love from some of the  world's best known magazines.

Whether you prefer a classic professional look with a pop of color or lean more toward high art street cool, you will find Halfacre Interiors more than appealing. Keep an eye out for our latest designs are always coming to the a home near you.